You Can Now UNLOCK Your NES Classic… With A USB Cable???

The video game hackers have struck again! Apparently, they had the  NES Classic Edition in their sights.

The NES Classic Edition is a scaled-down version of the traditional NES, offering up 30 of your favorite titles. You get favorites such as Metroid, Zelda, and Mario Bros. built in and ready to go out of the box! That’s great and all. But maybe you want your NES to have a bit more juice.

Well, now you can add games to the original slate of thirty because of a resourceful modder named madmonkey. The hacker posted the game-unlocking secret on a forum recently.

According to Thrillest,

Word of the inevitable modification emerged on Reddit over the weekend with some users claiming they were able to get a total of 90 games onto the machine, according to a report by Polygon. The hack takes advantage of how the NES Classic Edition is essentially a simple Linux computer running Nintendo’s proprietary software and an emulator for the classic games.

The fairly straightforward hack requires connecting the system to a computer with a USB cable, booting it in FEL mode (recovery mode), then you’ll have to follow the instructions detailed on the aforementioned Reddit thread, per the report.

Nintendo already said that the NES Classic will not receive new games. Plus, there’s no WiFi protocol to download more. So perhaps this method is the only way to enjoy more of your favorite titles from the past.

Go over to Thrillest to read the original source article.


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