Women And Girls Are Into Games. But Which Ones?

Women are girls are into gaming more than ever before! Get this… a study published in 2014 by the Internet Advertising Bureau stated that women gamers actually outnumber men gamers. That’s right, 52% of the gaming audience consists of women and girls! When you factor in the overwhelming growth of the mobile games industry, the 52% stat doesn’t seem so shocking.

So, what games are women and girls playing these days? Well, Quantic Foundry is a company that focuses on game analytics and consumer research. And here’s what they had to say, according to Polygon:

Based on online surveys of more than 270,000 gamers — 18.5 percent of whom identified as female players — the report shows that mobile match-3 games and social farming games are heavily favored by women, but that sports and shooting games are unpopular.

But the numbers also show that certain games within genres can confound expectations, attracting far more women than their competitors.

Quantic Foundry asked respondents to list up to nine games they played the most. The findings show gender breakdowns for each genre. So, 69% of respondents who like match-3 games are women.

Head over to Polygon to read the source article and to see the gender breakdown according to genre. Do you see your favorite on the list?

Original Image Source: Francisco Javier Argel


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