The “Father Of Pac-Man” Has Died.

A video game legend died. Masaya Nakamura founded Namco in 1955, and he passed away on Jan. 22 at the age of 91.

Namco actually stand for Nakamura Manufacturing. The company would go one to develop Pac-Man, forever cementing its status in gaming lore. Namco later merged with Bandai to form Bandai Namco. And to this day, they remain big players in Asia for their influence on gaming and pop culture.

Yes, the gaming world lost a great one. Here’s what Ars Technica had to say:

Namco hit the big time when Nakamura shrewdly purchased the struggling Atari Japan from owner Nolan Bushnell for $500,000—far higher than the $80,000 offered by Sega. The deal granted Namco an exclusive license to distribute Atari’s games in Japan for ten years and led to the development and release of original games such as Gee Bee and Galaxian.

The release of Pac-Man (known as Puck-Man in Japan) cemented Namco’s place as the leader in arcade games. Pac-Man has since become a pop-culture icon.

Read the source article at Ars Technica. And for the classic gamers out there, tell everyone your favorite Namco game.

Original Source Article: Rob Fahey


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