The $9000 Acer Predator 21X May Be The Most Insane Gaming Laptop EVER!

Have you seen the new Acer Predator 21X? Needless to say, it’s no ordinary gaming laptop. Yeah, it’s pretty crazy.

Acer provided a sneak peak at the IFA trade show this past September. And now the public gets to see the this monster laptop after they debuted it under the bright lights of Vegas this past week.

So what do we know?

Well, we know it has a February release date. We also know it has a whopping $9,000 price tag (so start saving up now!). Then there’s the curved, 21-inch (wow!) display with a 2560 x 1080 resolution. So, yes, this is a serious laptop for serious gamers. Acer didn’t have the noobs in mind when they made this behemoth.

According to Fraghero,

The Predator 21 X has some really high end hardware like i7-7820HK processor, two GTX 1080 cards running with SLI, 64 GB of DDR-2400 memory, 1 TB 7200 RPM hard drive and four 512 GB solid state drives. To add to these, the laptop also has a full-sized Cherry MX Brown mechanical keyboard, four speakers, and two subwoofers.

The laptop is also the first of it’s kind when it comes to the 21-inch, G-Sync-capable curved screen…

Read the rest of the article on the Acer Predator 21X on Fraghero. There, you’ll see the rest of the specs.

Here’s what The Verge had to say about it.



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