Sony Did What? Will This Strategic Software Move Mean ‘GAME OVER’ For Other Game Developers?

Just as Microsoft made hardware adjustments allowing their Xbox One to better perform when compared to Sony’s PS4, it appears that Sony has made a strategic countermove in hopes of further unlocking more performance in its PS4 consoles. It all has something to do with their 8-core AMD processors…

And while the effects won’t be felt immediately, it would definitely spell disaster for Microsoft, a company that had recently made strides to close the performance gap.

Both the Xbox One and PS4 use an 8-core AMD processor, but initially two of those cores were reserved in either console for background operations and the operating system to function. In order to close the performance gap Microsoft unlocked more GPU bandwidth and the 7th core on the Xbox One late last year. While this did give developers more performance to use, it meant losing a few features including voice commands and disabling Kinect functionality.

Since then, the Xbox One performance has been closer to PS4, but still can’t match it in most games and games run at a lower resolution. The bad news for Microsoft is that Sony has quietly rolled out a new Software Development Kit (SDK) to developers and it does the same thing: unlocks that 7th processor core.

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