No, You Really DON’T Know Where The Trench Is On The Death Star!

Star Wars is super popular with gamers. In fact, Star Wars Battlefront, the latest game, shipped out 13+ plus million copies after its release in November 2015. But how much do you actually know about the Death Star? What if I were to ask you to point to the trench that lodged the first Death Star’s exhaust port? Would you be able to do it?

Perhaps you would get it right. But don’t worry. If you get the answer wrong you have plenty of company.

Katharine Trendacosta from io9 explains:

If you were asked to point to the trench that housed the first Death Star’s exhaust port, where would you point? If you pointed at the big obvious seam running along the Death Star’s equator, I am sorry, but you are wrong. But don’t feel too bad—it turns out even the people at Industrial Light & Magic thought that was the answer.

As Vaziri himself then goes on to explain, in detail, it makes perfect sense that we’d all assume the big, equatorial line in the middle is where the exhaust port would be, even though it’s clearly much larger than the trench in the trench run and has a bunch of lights that don’t appear there. But that’s where the Death Star’s hangar bays are located, where TIE Fighters launch from, and where the Millennium Falcon was tractor beamed into (which is actually another sign that should make it clear it’s not the trench, as the two look nothing alike).

So… where exactly is the trench on the Death Star located? Well, pay close attention to General Jan Dodonna’s briefing:

Think you know where it is? Go over to io9 to read the full article and get the answer!


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