Microsoft: Announcing A Gaming Industry Game Changer!

Gamers have been clamoring for cross-network play for quite some time now, and Microsoft may be ready to deliver on that wish.

Of course, this is only Microsoft talking here so it’s still fairly one-sided. No word yet on what Sony (Playstation) and Nintendo (Wii) have to say on the matter.

But could you imagine PS4 versus Xbox One Players!?!? Call of Duty, anyone?

Choosing between an Xbox One or Playstation 4 is still a big life decision. Ok, there are a lot less platform exclusives than there used to be, so it’s not like in the 90s when you had to pick between playing Super Mario World or Sonic 2 — but if all your crew have Playstations, and you’ve got an Xbox, you’re not going to be involved in that marathon Call of Duty session, are you? It’s the digital version of not being invited to the cool party and sitting at home on your own on a Friday night.

This could soon be a thing of the past. Microsoft have just announced that soon Xbox Live users will be able to play games against gamers on other systems.

Head over the source article on Complex to read the full article.

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