Ashley Judd Thinks Video Games Profit From Harming Women. Is She Right?

Ashley Judd is a successful movie actress with over 50 film credits to her name. She’s also an activist who has used her platform to speak on a host of political matters. So when she stepped onstage at TED Talk to speak about a troubling social issue, no one was surprised.

…But some of what she had to say definitely turned some heads.

She talked about the nastiness she experienced at the hands of trolls ever since she joined Twitter back in 2011. And, no, she didn’t point the finger at violence on television or in music. Instead, she blamed it on the video game industry and its promotion of prejudice against women.

Heatstreet reports,

In Judd’s presentation, which was originally recorded at last year’s TED Conference, she says that the abuse of women has spiraled out of control, as hate speech, sexual harassment, and threats of violence has become the new norm for many women and marginalized individuals online.

As for the video games,

…Judd spares some of her 18 minutes to talk about the “profiteering off misogyny in video games.”

…Judd refers to the game developers who in her view produce misogynistic entertainment for gamers.

“I’m so tired of hearing you talk to me at cocktail parties — like you did a couple weeks ago in Aspen — about how deplorable GamerGate was, when you’re still making billions of dollars off games that maim and dump women for sport,” said Judd. “Basta! — as the Italians would say. Enough.”

“Our friends in law enforcement have much to do, because we’ve seen that online violence is an extension of in-person violence,” she said.

Go over to Heatstreet to see the full article. Do you agree with Ashley Judd? Read the article to find out why the author feels she is way off base with her claim.

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