The “Father Of Pac-Man” Has Died.

A video game legend died. Masaya Nakamura founded Namco in 1955, and he passed away on Jan. 22 at the age of 91. Namco actually stand for Nakamura Manufacturing. The company would ... Continue Reading →

No, You Really DON’T Know Where The Trench Is On The Death Star!

Star Wars is super popular with gamers. In fact, Star Wars Battlefront, the latest game, shipped out 13+ plus million copies after its release in November 2015. But how much do you ... Continue Reading →

Resident Evil 7 Review: Is The Survival Horror Game A Scary Good Time?

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is finally here! Capcom published the survival horror game and released it January 24 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. It’s the eleventh chapter in the Resident ... Continue Reading →

Ashley Judd Thinks Video Games Profit From Harming Women. Is She Right?

Ashley Judd is a successful movie actress with over 50 film credits to her name. She’s also an activist who has used her platform to speak on a host of political matters. So when ... Continue Reading →

Women And Girls Are Into Games. But Which Ones?

Women are girls are into gaming more than ever before! Get this… a study published in 2014 by the Internet Advertising Bureau stated that women gamers actually outnumber men gamers. ... Continue Reading →

You Can Now UNLOCK Your NES Classic… With A USB Cable???

The video game hackers have struck again! Apparently, they had the  NES Classic Edition in their sights. The NES Classic Edition is a scaled-down version of the traditional NES, ... Continue Reading →

The Asus ROG Swift PG27UQ Is A 144Hz Powerhouse!

The Asus ROG Swift PG27UQ has made waves in the world of 4K gaming. The whole 4K gaming craze is nothing new. Fortunately for us, improvements in technology have made GPUs more available. ... Continue Reading →

The $9000 Acer Predator 21X May Be The Most Insane Gaming Laptop EVER!

Have you seen the new Acer Predator 21X? Needless to say, it’s no ordinary gaming laptop. Yeah, it’s pretty crazy. Acer provided a sneak peak at the IFA trade show this ... Continue Reading →

Check Out This AWESOME Triple Screen Gaming Laptop From Razer!

A lot of serious gamers have gone to multi-screen setups as of late. This multi-display arrangement gives you more visual ‘real estate’ which allows for a richer gaming ... Continue Reading →